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Sustainable sales success through benefit centering

Why this is relevant

Customers are interested in services that offer them real added value and solve problems. Companies often make the mistake of focusing more on new technologies in the development and design of new services and products than on the benefits for the customer. The result is an unbalanced price-performance ratio from the customer’s point of view. Sales success falls short of your expectations.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. How do I find out what my customers need?
  2. How can I communicate the benefits of my product or service in an understandable and clear way?
  3. What are customers particularly interested in?
  4. We have used the latest technologies in our products, but sales success still falls short of expectations. What can we do?
  5. A similar competitor product is much more successful on the market than ours. How can we catch up and become the market leader?
  6. Customers find our product too expensive. How can I better emphasize benefit and value?
  7. How can I ensure that the benefits for (potential) customers are absolutely in the foreground in all parts of the company?

How we proceed

For lasting sales success we enable your team to decipher and clearly communicate the benefits of technologies and functions for the user or customer. To this end, we approach the product from different perspectives and dimensions of use and in this way develop a differentiated picture with the most diverse aspects of use.

Because every product and every service must address a customer need or solve a real problem. To identify these, Magnify Innovation uses methods such as value analysis and attribute value mapping. In this way we increase your sales success by jointly answering the following questions:

  • What do you deliver?
  • What value do you create?
  • Why should you offer (or not offer) a particular product/service?
  • How should you communicate this value?

What you can expect

Our methods enable your team to view products from the customer’s perspective. On this basis, they can then develop concrete benefit and value arguments from the perspective of potential customers. The intensive study of technological and other features of the company offer ensures better communication skills and the implementation of benefit centring in the company. In this way we sustainably increase your sales success.

A case in point

A multidirectional hearing aid was launched by the manufacturer. However, he failed to communicate clearly the added value it brings to users. The team used Attribute Value Mapping. This is a concept in which technical features are translated into customer benefits. This enabled the project team to clearly demonstrate the benefits and advantages resulting from the technical features and communicate them to the market, which also improved sales success.