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Is your product technically or technologically not up to date? Are international competitors are pushing into the market and threatening to replace you? We support you in the development of innovations in your sector, and provide you with the tools to further develop your portfolio.
Your ideas are innovative - but their implementation is too complex and/or too expensive? You have a structured approach and experience - and yet you do not achieve the desired results? With the right methods, we support you in the implementation of your ideas.
Which innovation project is promising? Which way do you want to go? It is difficult to decide if you do not know exactly what the market wants. By following a structured approach for generating knowledge and insights, we help you to find the right start and to understand the market environment.
The skill of being innovative and creative is not something that one person was born with, and unfortunately another one not. Ideas usually don't just fly at you. It is worthwhile to work proactively on the development of ideas. We are happy to support you by showing you a variety of methods we successfully apply in our projects every day.

Magnify Innovation changes the way you think and act

Magnify Innovation does not tell you what to do – we show you how to develop sustainable, innovative and creative solutions to be prepared for current and future challenges. Thanks to our in-depth methodology expertise and many years of practical experience, we know what's important when business models come under pressure or the competition gets tougher. We help you to lead your company into a successful future.

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That's what our customers say

"Whenever we need fresh food for thought in our change projects with customers, we turn to our partner, Magnify Innovation, and Tobias and Gisela help us to take new perspectives and create unusual ideas. We do not just value their competence, but also their loyalty and reliability. Reinventing yourself over and over again becomes a reality with Magnify Innovation, and we look forward to the next joint project! " Gaëlle Piernikarch, CEO Cambiana Consulting
"Before the joint project with Tobias, I was admittedly skeptical, that one can systematically tackle creative problems. The fact that innovation methods are also applicable for the optimization of supply chain processes was also more than unusual for me. However, after two exhausting and productive days, I know that it not only works but is also fun. I did not expect such high quality and realizable ideas. The execution of the workshop under the direction of Dr Tobias Adam was highly professional, exciting and very purposeful. Thank you for this great experience." Gerhard Rühm, Process Management BASF
"I completed an innovation management training course with Gisela and Tobias, and the training - five full days with a very well-selected overview of innovation methods and processes, plus interactive units with Design Thinking, SIT, Scrum and Kanban - has a lot of new content and I also had a lot of fun in the class, finally a training course that you cannot wait to get started, thank you!" Natalie Vogel, Partnership & CRM Manager, Leibniz Supercomputing Center
"In the first meeting the Magnify team already made us curious: there were no presentation slides. Instead, the presentation was interactive right from the start. Goal-oriented and professionally controlled by Gisela and Tobias, we had numerous high-quality ideas and transformed them into holistic concepts. A special highlight was the visualization of our ideas by a designer during the workshop. Impressive, how creativity and motivation of the participants are promoted thereby. All in all a great experience, which clearly exceeded my expectations!" Robert Werner, COO at ASAP in Ingolstadt

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