What – We can do for you

Magnify Innovation supports companies in generating and implementing innovations. Whether it is the development of new services, the optimization of processes, the creation of new organizational structures or the operative implementation of projects in innovation management: We show you how to find innovative solutions for your challenges and put them into practice.

Developing concepts for digitalization

Digitalization involves much more than just the use of tools and technologies. Digitalization also means questioning existing patterns of thought and prevailing paradigms. It requires systematic rethinking and thus enables truly innovative solutions for business models, processes and service offerings.

We enable your team to break established thought patterns with the help of innovation methods, innovation patterns and scenario-based decision making, and to systematically and provocatively develop new, innovative solutions for sustainable added value and unique customer benefits. Learn more

Innovating business models

Magnify Innovation uses a combination of logical analytical approaches coupled with provocative innovation patterns for business model innovation. In this way we put you in a position to break up established industry logics and patterns of thought. This opens up new scope for design and leads to new forms of value creation.

In this way we help you to generate fundamental new ideas, which are characterised by their practicability. Learn more

Increase in value added

In order to survive in the market, companies must offer their customers lasting added value. The prerequisite for this is to understand internal and external changes and interdependencies, to actively shape them and to make them usable for oneself.

With a set of methods tailored to you and your team, we put you in a position to discover previously unconsidered connections, to question and overcome established perspectives. Together with you, we create a corporate culture that welcomes innovative solutions and changes.

Your teams will be able to constantly develop creative solutions and concepts to meet customer needs. Learn more

Reducing costs sustainably

Megatrends such as globalization and digitization are increasing the competitive pressure on companies. In order to remain competitive, many companies need to cut costs and increase efficiency.

A systematic approach based on innovation methods and scientifically proven innovation patterns helps companies to find cost-effective solutions. Together with the project team, we use selected innovation patterns to question

  • basic assumptions,
  • assignment of tasks and roles
  • resources usage

systematically and provocatively. In an iterative and collaborative approach, we develop new approaches to increase efficiency and effectiveness and overcome structural and functional obstacles that stand in the way of further optimization, quality improvement and cost reduction. By means of these methods, possibilities come into view that were previously out of sight. Our structured approach supports your team in improving existing services, increasing user benefits, reducing costs, finding innovative solutions and possibly even developing a new, more competitive product. Learn more

Identifying customer value – arguing convincingly

Every product and service must address a customer need, solve a real problem and/or offer unique benefits. To identify these, Magnify Innovation uses methods for value analysis and attribute value mapping. This is how we find answers to the questions together:

  • What are the benefits you provide?
  • For whom do you create which values?
  • Why should you offer (or not offer) a particular product/service?
  • How should you communicate this value?

Learn more

Finding and implementing innovative solutions

Innovations are an ongoing process: what is an innovative solution today can be outdated tomorrow. It is therefore necessary to establish the generation of innovations as an ongoing process in the company.

We provide your teams with a systematic approach that allows them to provocatively question existing service offerings and the associated customer benefits. By applying selected innovation methods, your teams learn to consistently develop creative and novel concepts. Learn more

Developing solutions

Time and again, companies face complex problems that require efficient solutions, as in many cases they cause high costs. Using scientifically proven methods, we work with your project team to find innovative solutions to your complex challenges – beyond logic and intuition. We analyze the entire problem environment in order to develop a profound understanding of interrelationships and causes. This enables us to tackle the problem comprehensively and come up with creative, innovative and above all efficient solutions. Learn more

Methodological expertise

We support you in the operational implementation of your projects with creative techniques and agile methods, such as

  • Systematic Inventive Thinking,
  • Matrix Thinking,
  • Design Thinking,
  • Game Storming and
  • Scrum.

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Our many years of experience as coaches, consultants, project and innovation managers are complemented by sound theoretical knowledge in the areas of innovation management, creativity research, corporate strategy, scenario-based decision-making and social science findings.

From this we have developed a modular seminar program that can be adapted to the requirements of different organizational levels and functions, but also to customer-specific requirements.

We provide you with interactive, practice-oriented knowledge with which you can generate and implement innovations in your company – tailored to your respective role and responsibility. Take your team on a journey into the future. Learn more