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We have compiled a collection of customer statements to give you an insight into our work and our customers.

New perspectives and unusual ideas

Whenever we need new ideas or fresh impulses in our change projects with customers, we turn to our partner Magnify Innovation. Tobias and Gisela help us again and again to take new perspectives and to develop unusual ideas. We appreciate not only their competence, but also their loyalty and reliability. To reinvent oneself again and again becomes tangible and feasible with Magnify Innovation. We are looking forward to the next joint projects!

Gaëlle Piernikarch, CEO – Cambiana Consulting



Systematic development of creative solutions to problems

Before the joint project with Tobias I was skeptical, admittedly, that one can approach problems systematically and creatively. It was also more than unusual for me that innovation methods can also be applied for the optimization of supply chain processes. After two equally strenuous and productive days, however, I know that it not only works, but is also fun. I had not expected so many high-quality and realizable ideas. The workshop, led by Dr. Tobias Adam, was highly professional, exciting and highly focused. Thank you for this great experience.

Gerhard Rühm, Process Management – BASF


Lots of new things with lots of fun

I completed a training course on innovation management with Gisela and Tobias. The training – five full days with a very well selected overview of innovation methods and processes, plus interactive units with Design Thinking, SIT, Scrum and Kanban – brought me a lot of new content and I also had a lot of fun in the course. Finally a training after which you can’t wait to get started Thank you!

Natalie Vogel, Partnership & CRM Manager – Leibniz Supercomputing Center