Questions & Answers

Can I book you for training at my company?
Of course you can book us for a seminar in your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us, then we can coordinate your ideas and wishes and prepare a non-binding offer for you.
Can I individually coordinate the seminar content with you?
We adapt the seminar contents individually to the needs and goals of our customers. Our big topic are innovations, and how they can be implemented in the company. Our well-founded methodological expertise and our many years of experience in numerous projects make us a suitable partner for innovation projects of all kinds. We provide your employees with the necessary know-how and the appropriate tools with which you can promote creativity and the generation of ideas. We support you in developing the appropriate skills and competencies in your company with our tailor-made training courses.
Do you also advise companies on structural changes?
We are not a classical management consultancy, rather we want to enable our clients to find solutions for their challenges themselves. We support our clients in structural changes by helping them to ignore taboos and also to question structures and patterns of thought that have been in place for many years in such a way that innovations are made possible and promoted.
Do you also support companies in phases of cultural transformation?
Cultural factors can hinder real innovation. We are not afraid to question patterns of thought and paradigms when it comes to finding new solutions and creating structures conducive to innovation. We do not set out a fixed path, but enable our customers to find and walk this path themselves.
New products also carry an introductory risk, can you help me minimize that risk?
Thanks to our practical experience in innovation and project management as well as our in-depth knowledge of methods, we can significantly reduce the introduction risk of new products in cooperation with our customers. Our forecasts and analyses are based on benefit hypotheses and underlying assumptions that we validate before introducing a new product solution. In this way, we ensure increased user benefits, faster ROI and thus a reduced introduction risk for new products.
How can you help my company to become more innovative?
Creativity and the generation of ideas are not talent, but learnable. With appropriate methods such as Systematic Inventive Thinking, Design Thinking, Matrix Thinking, Game Storming and scenario-based decision making, ideas can be generated and implemented with an agile approach. We develop these skills and competences in your team, in your company. We also support you in developing a culture of innovation that makes constant renewal part of your company’s self-image.
How can I find out if my company needs a more innovative approach?
Changing framework conditions such as new technologies, dynamic market development or the emergence of new competitors, in our view, require a minimum of innovation. To derive specific recommendations for your company and your current situation, we offer a maturity test that looks at various design dimensions. The findings gained form the basis for the development of an individual catalog of measures.
How can I approach and implement the topic of Customer Centricity in a targeted and effective way?
Market success depends decisively on how the product is received by the customer. This is why all parties involved – from developers to sales – must consistently take the customer’s point of view. Only then can the advantages and customer benefits be implemented in design and application on the one hand and communicated clearly on the other. This means sustained sales success, as customers recognize the added value of the product. We support this process according to the situation by using selected methods.
How do I find out which idea I should invest in - and in which I would rather not?
Together with your team, we develop simplified products based on your ideas and concepts. We then test these in an iterative process with stakeholders and potential users. This will give us valuable feedback about their use and the actual benefits that come with it. Tested hypotheses and validated customer benefits provide the basis for deciding which ideas to invest in. The most promising variants with the highest customer value are released for implementation.
Our company lacks innovative ideas, how can I promote creativity and generate ideas?
Everyone can be creative with the appropriate methods. We have in-depth knowledge in innovation and project management and have many years of experience in the management and implementation of international projects. We pass on our methodical expertise to your employees in tailor-made training courses and develop the necessary skills and competences in your company. To generate ideas, we restrict the scope of action in a targeted and provocative manner at first. As a result, for example, the use of existing resources must be rethought. In this way, we help you to generate basic new ideas that are within your company’s reach of implementation.
How do I find simple and workable solutions to complex problems?
To solve complex problems, we have developed a method that provides a clear understanding of the causes, relevant interrelationships and effects of a problem. First we describe and analyze the problem world comprehensively instead of an isolated view of the alleged problem definition. In this way we can address the challenge on several levels. This method supports the project team in the search for simple, uncompromising and often intuitive solutions. Against any logic we often find the solution to a problem within the problem itself.
Our solutions are sometimes uneconomical, how can I make them more competitive?
Through a provocative yet structured approach, we scrutinize the existing service offer together with your team. Underlying assumptions, utility hypotheses, utility models, and logics are systematically turned upside down. This radical change in perspective creates new opportunities to improve the price/performance ratio.
How do we manage to integrate innovation into our corporate culture?
Together with you we completely rethink processes and also question paradigms and patterns of thought. Even if it hurts: We start at the structures and change them together with your team. It is often a question of creating corresponding roles and positions that are responsible for innovations. In this way, the idea of innovation is taken into account in all processes. We also support you in developing the appropriate skills and competencies within the company.