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Philosophy & Values

The philosophy of Magnify Innovation is to enable customers to find their own solutions to their current challenges. Therefore, the values empathy and cultural empathy, trust in each other and fun in working together are decisive for us.

Courage for new ways – trust us

Creative solutions cannot be found with pressure or stress. We see our role in working with our customers as facilitator and enabler. The basis for successful cooperation is therefore mutual trust. We put ourselves in your situation, show you new ways of thinking and new perspectives. Because our years of experience in innovation management have often shown: Detours sometimes are the fastest way to get to your destination. To discover these detours in a structured way, an external impulse is often needed that directs one’s gaze in the “right” direction. In order to follow these paths, courage is needed. That is why we encourage you to consider unusual, even crazy approaches.

Theoretical security and practical orientation

We have many years of experience in international project management and know a variety of methods from our practical application. At the same time, we have a broad and theoretically sound knowledge of innovation management and corporate strategy. Knowledge of the latest scientific theory development paired with unconditional practical orientation forms the basis of our consulting for you.

In all of this, we want to discover new things and develop innovations together with you. The fun of working together is essential for us. Delight instead of burden is our motto: We enable and motivate you to start into a successful future with enthusiasm.

Break up routines

The goal of Magnify Innovation is that our customers can successfully implement their ideas that innovations are generated and can be successful on the market. This sometimes also means painful processes of change. These can be managed on the basis of mutual trust: We want to enable our customers to achieve sustainable success. Together with you we go where it hurts. We break down established patterns of thought and work routines when necessary and show you ways out of the comfort zone. We stand by your side and help you to find new ways to success. Paths that are the right ones for your company, your employees and your future.

Working with us is not always comfortable. But we will take you further.