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Methodological expertise

Why this is relevant

Various innovation methods for process optimization, cost efficiency and innovation are already being successfully applied in companies today. Nevertheless, the full potential that would still be possible with further methodological know-how is often not fully exploited. The Magnify Innovation Team has extensive and long-standing experience in project management and management positions. Paired with our well-founded theoretical knowledge from the fields of methodology, innovation management and creativity techniques, we enable your team to find innovative solutions.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. How can we improve our methodological knowledge in project management?
  2. Which methods are suitable for generating ideas?
  3. How do I evaluate ideas?
  4. Which methods ensure an effective and efficient implementation of innovation projects?
  5. Are there methods to improve the structural and cultural conditions for innovation?
  6. Where do we gain practice-proven methodological know-how?
  7. How can we promote the creativity of our employees? Are there specific methods for this?

How we proceed

Sound experience combined with broad theoretical know-how form the basis for identifying challenges and developing innovative solutions together with our customers. In this way, we contribute to sustainable value creation and thus to the future viability of the company.

If necessary, we examine the structures and the overall orientation of your company. Often enough these are traditional paradigms and established processes that ultimately prevent innovations. In order to establish a sustainable and lasting culture of change, we apply scientifically sound and practice-proven innovation methods:

  • We increase customer benefit through value analysis and attribute value mapping.
  • We promote creativity and generate innovation through selected innovation methods and scenario-based decision-making.
  • We support you in the implementation of new concepts with agile methods such as Scrum.

What you can expect

Our experienced and excellently qualified team supports your company with its comprehensive methodological knowledge in

We adapt our methods exactly to your challenges and individual situation.