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Implementation of concepts and innovations

Why this is relevant

The lifecycles of many service offerings are becoming shorter and shorter: rapid technological progress and changing market conditions present companies with major challenges. As a result, the needs of customers are changing and new competitors are appearing on the scene. Companies must therefore learn quickly to be innovative and to facilitate change. But there are also risks involved in bringing innovations to market. Reducing the implementation risk is therefore an important task. We support you in the implementation of concepts and innovations.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. We have many ideas – but which ones should we continue to invest in?
  2. We cannot afford the failure of a new product on the market. How can we minimize our risk?
  3. We are successful in the market – but for how long? How can we bring innovations to market in parallel with our day-to-day business?
  4. We are under increasing competitive pressure. How can we withstand this in the long term?
  5. How can we work more effectively with our customers and business partners?
  6. We must become more flexible in implementing concepts. How can we do this?
  7. Can we create structurally better conditions for the implementation of innovations?

How we proceed

We combine carefully selected elements of various agile methods to develop individual and situation-specific approaches to implementing concepts for our clients. are the basis of our approach:

  • validated learning progress,
  • establishment of an agile attitude,
  • flexible implementation culture,
  • benefit and goal orientation.

We support you in the operative implementation of your projects with creative techniques and agile methods, for example:

  • Systematic Inventive Thinking,
  • matrix thinking,
  • Design Thinking,
  • Game Storming,
  • Scrum.

What you can expect

We ensure increased user benefits, faster ROI and thus a reduced implementation risk for new service offerings. Our forecasts and analyses are based on benefit hypotheses and underlying assumptions, which we validate before introducing a new range of services.