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Problem solving

Why this is relevant

In everyday business life, but also in special situations, employees, managers and management are repeatedly confronted with problems that at first glance seem too complex to be solved. Nevertheless, those responsible must of course also meet these challenges and, at best, develop efficient solutions to problems quickly. It is not unusual for unsolved tasks and problems to involve high costs.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. My problem is very complex. How can I develop an efficient problem solution?
  2. Are there proven methods for creative problem solving?
  3. Can I teach my employees how to solve problems efficiently?
  4. How can I break through established patterns of thought and thus arrive at really new approaches to solving problems?
  5. Are structural changes in my organization necessary to solve problems more efficiently?
  6. I need a comprehensive approach to problem solving – can Magnify Innovation help me?
  7. My problem affects many parts of the company. How can I develop a comprehensive problem-solving concept?

How we proceed

Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge of methods, we can enable you to master even complex problems and challenges. Understanding the interrelationships, causes and their effects is fundamental for efficient problem solving. This is the only way to comprehensively understand the relevant interrelationships and the resulting consequences of a problem and to solve them in the next step.

Therefore, we start with a holistic description and analysis of the problem world and not with an isolated view of the alleged problem definition. In this way, we can address the challenge at several levels to address the problem comprehensively. Decisive: We consciously leave the paths that dictate the premises of logic and intuition and seek solutions to problems that contradict the prevailing paradigms.

What you can expect

Magnify’s proven problem-solving methodology helps the project team find simple, uncompromising and often intuitive solutions. Against any logic we often find the solution to a problem within the problem itself. This enables your team to find creative and truly innovative solutions that efficiently and easily meet even complex challenges.

A case in point

A leaky pipeline can be a serious and expensive problem, especially when gas emissions are harmful to the environment. Detecting a leak in remote areas is a difficult and time-consuming task.

By applying the problem-solving method, the responsible project team developed the idea of changing the smell of the gas. In the event of a leak, the smell would attract animals that would then collect around the leak. Because it is much easier to detect a large number of animals near a pipeline than to find a small leak in a pipeline itself – a complex and cost-intensive and problem could be solved easily, efficiently and cost-effectively.