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Development of concepts for digitization

Why this is relevant

Digitalization means much more than the use of technical tools. Rather, the megatrend of digitization is leading to fundamental changes in business models, processes and service offerings. Cultural factors in the company are also subject to far-reaching change: transparency and network-like structures replace the old patterns of control and hierarchy. Digitalization therefore also means an internal transformation for many companies, which can also be painful because it questions old orders and patterns of thought. As a result, there are opportunities and challenges for companies: Existing patterns of thought and utility are systematically questioned in order to develop solutions beyond the present horizon. Analog processes can only rarely be digitized. The digital world needs its own digital processes.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. What does digitization mean for my business model?
  2. How can I use the opportunities of digitization for my company?
  3. How can I invest profitably in digitization concepts?
  4. How can I get my employees ready to use digital tools?
  5. What effects does digitization have on our corporate structures?
  6. How can we make decisions faster?
  7. Can we learn to become more innovative?

How we proceed

Teams and companies must come up with new, unexpected solutions that follow digital logic. We combine selected strategic themes with carefully selected innovation methods, innovation patterns and scenario-based decision-making. Our goal is not to provide the solution. We want to enable your teams to think outside the box and to leave the beaten track. We provide you with a sequence of logical-analytical elements and systematic creativity, enabling you to overcome classic thought structures and ideas of value creation.

What you can expect

Experience how teams and employees leave established routines and move out of the comfort zone. With us you learn to systematically think the unthinkable and to have the courage to express and implement it. Together we develop new solutions and creative approaches for new products and services – to create real innovations in the digital world. We create new forms of value creation and innovate business models.

Digitization is a great challenge. But it also offers undreamt-of opportunities for growth, value creation and breaking new ground. Unique customer benefit is both a duty for companies and a legitimate demand of customers. We help you to meet these new expectations and show you ways in which you can use digitization for the benefit of your company.