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Reduce costs

Why this is relevant

Methods such as lean management or Six Sigma have long since conquered everyday business life. They are used as standard in many companies and have already achieved impressive increases in efficiency and cost reductions. However, they too are only partially suitable for overcoming structural and functional fixations that stand in the way of further optimization and quality improvement. Structural changes are often necessary to better exploit potential. Together with your team we optimize the existing range of services, increase the benefit for the users, can reduce costs and possibly derive a new, more competitive range of services. In this way, your company remains in a position to assert itself and sustainably improve added value, even in international competition.

Our customers face these challenges

Our customers have to master various questions and challenges in their day-to-day business, among others:

  1. We have already initiated changes, but we need to further reduce costs. How can we realize our full potential?
  2. How can we create the structural conditions, promote innovation and reduce costs?
  3. Our product solutions are too expensive for the market. How can we reduce costs without compromising quality?
  4. How can we offer cost-effective solutions to complex problems?
  5. How can we reduce our process costs?
  6. International competition leads to increased cost pressure. How can we remain competitive?
  7. We need creative and innovative solutions to reduce costs. How can we promote and develop these competencies among our employees?

How we proceed

If you need to reduce costs and increase efficiency, you need innovative concepts. Generating and implementing innovations requires new ways of thinking and leaving routines. Magnify Innovation uses a systematic approach that combines selected innovation methods with proven innovation patterns. In this way, the solution space to be addressed is extended by dimensions that have not yet been taken into account. Hence we support our customers and clients in rethinking and questioning established paradigms, the underlying understanding of processes and traditional perspectives. This step increases the number of possible solutions to problems and results in completely new dimensions that have not yet been taken into account.

What you can expect

This also applies to core processes in companies. In certain areas, however, routines are also a burden, especially when it comes to redesigning and optimizing processes. Here, established patterns of thought and function must be questioned.

Your team will develop a deeper understanding of processes and interrelationships through intensive study of the added value associated with the process to be optimized. This enables you to develop creative and innovative approaches, optimize processes and reduce costs. Even when classical methods have already achieved initial success.

Together with the project team, we use selected innovation patterns depending on the situation, to question systematically and provocatively e.g.

  • key assumptions
  • assignment of tasks and roles
  • resource usage

In this way, we develop new approaches for increasing effectiveness and efficiency in an iterative and collaborative approach.

A case in point

An automobile manufacturer had already optimized its processes by applying lean and six sigma principles. Nevertheless, efficiency had to be further increased in order to remain competitive. Production robots ensured better exploitation of potential.

However, with the help of our innovation methods, the team succeeded in completely rethinking the production process. The systematic and provocative challenge of all processes led to further optimization, which meant that the robots were no longer needed either. In this way, the investment costs could be significantly reduced with higher efficiency.