Learning creativity: Is that even possible?

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Creativity is still usually associated with a talent, an innate characteristic. We prove that this is not the case every day in our seminars, training courses and workshops that we conduct in companies. Learning creativity – yes, that is possible. To learn creativity is even absolutely necessary: After all, creativity is the only way to create innovations. And only innovative companies will remain on the market in the long term.

An innovative shower?

Every company has to be innovative – that’s easy to say. Is it really possible to develop real innovations in every single industry? Our many years of experience say clearly: Yes.

In order to make it clear to our seminar participants that creativity and innovation are also possible in what at first glance seem to be the most absurd sectors, we choose just such an example – such as the sanitary industry. The first thought that most of our participants express is: “What should I use a shower head for if not for showering?”

Yes, that’s possible! Creativity with method

With our proven method of systematic innovation, however, it is possible to develop innovative solutions for every industry. Every business administration student learns at university to think about new product features and to think outside the box. However, systematic innovation methods are hardly used. The “think outside the box” principle often does not help to find the desired, practicable solutions. We therefore take the opposite approach and think “inside the box”. What’s that good for?

  • Restricting the scope for action ensures more efficient use of resources.
  • Problems are viewed holistically within their environment; this makes interdependencies more clearly visible.
  • Creative and resource-saving solutions for complex problems can be developed.

This methodology is not based on intuition or talent, but on scientifically proven findings and a structured approach. This is precisely why creativity can be promoted and learned with it.

Learn creativity, generate ideas

Let us return to the sanitary industry, for example: in this seminar, the participants applied five methods based on the most common innovation patterns. 80 percent of innovations follow one of these patterns – so it is obvious that one of these patterns can also lead to innovations in the sanitary industry. After initial difficulties, the seminar participants came up with a total of around 30 ideas on how taps and cisterns could be redesigned and developed numerous product variations.

Overcoming thought patterns and fixations

At first, however, the participants had to break away from their thinking structures. At the beginning, fixations about utility models and pigeonhole thinking almost always hinder real creativity. With the help of problem-solving methods and the method of systematic innovation, however, these fixations can be quickly overcome. When the knot is broken, the ideas bubble.

Learn creativity in our seminars

We teach our seminar participants the methods to be innovative and creative. They can then apply them themselves – in their respective companies. Learn creativity? Yes, it is possible. Find out about our seminars and events and learn about real innovation.

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